Researching microbateria to boost the immune system and combat disease in a variety of veterinary and human applications


After nearly 30 years of academic research, BioEos was founded in 2004 to develop the use of naturally occurring bacteria that were proven to stimulate the body’s own immune system (immuno-modulation) and led  to developments firstly for human use and then animals.

The bacteria which man encountered on his evolutionary progress to the 21st century conditioned our bodies to recognise an aberrant or diseased cell and then to rectify the ‘problem’ thereby avoiding illness or premature death. So, for example, a cancerous cell can be ‘dismantled’ and a cell infected with a flu virus can be isolated so that the cell, along with its parasitic virus, can then be prevented from reproducing.


BioEos has been at the leading edge taking these new products out of the laboratory and into the developing market to address some of the world’s most serious health problems; varying from AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, arthritis and chronic infections. Clinical and other field trials continue to demonstrate the efficacy of our developments.