Animal Uses


We have been engaged in a wide variety of research into the development of products having an identifiable impact on animal development and welfare. Test results in the cultivation of fish farming [Click here for more data] is only one example of the potential in aquaculture and here is a very short list of our other developments.

Acquaculture.  Test data from studies especially in Europe and Thailand have shown very clear improvements in weight, size and the survivability of many species of fish and shrimp.

Equestrian.  Sales for equine use in the UK continue to grow through the new outlet at

Dog flea allergy.  Preliminary data from the results of a GCP study in Argentina demonstrates a clear result and opens up possibilities for the GMP manufacture & distribution in the USA.

Cattle.   Studies carried out by the Veterinary College at Casilda has shown a consistent reduction in milk cell counts and work to improve milk yields in Wales have shown significant evidence in the reduction of milk cell counts and an indication of improved fertility in breeding stock.

Apiculture.  Data obtained from Argentina shows a general improvement in the health of colonies, increased honey yields and the prospects of the control of varroa mite infestations.