Health & Safety



BioEos has cultured naturally occurring bacteria found in water and it is quite possible that humans and animals will have encountered these organisms through natural environmental contact without any adverse effects. These organisms are environmental saprophytes and are not considered primary pathogens. They have been cultured, studied and field tested over many years and no reports exist of any deleterious effects.


Several of our products, have been used in studies in a wide range of species including humans. In these studies, administration has been either by intradermal injection or oral administration (capsule or as feed additive). No serious adverse events have been reported in any of these studies but more importantly some of our products have been and are now being assessed for clinical trials supervised by the Department of Health (DH) and the Medical Research Council in accordance with the European Directive on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) primarily for the treatment of cancer and other serious conditions.


BioEos has conducted a number of studies in several animal species within the UK each of which has been authorised by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD). This followed acceptance by the VMD that our products were free from residues and therefore the Residues Regulations were not applicable to them. These studies were granted an animal test certificate (ATC) which allows the meat from the trial animals to enter the human food chain. For one of our studies in a dairy cattle herd we were granted the minimum withdrawal period of 24hrs. before milk was passed into the food chain.