Technical Data



All of our products are prepared from internationally recognised strains and their identity is confirmed by 16RS gene sequencing.


Each preparation has two essential components. These are:-

  1. Adjuvants that subtly modify the immune response. It is small differences in adjuvant activity that make different products effective in different situations.

  2. Antigens that are shared by all our reagents are also present in animal tissues, where they are expressed in stressed and damaged tissues as the result of disease.

BioEos products are potent immune modulators based on various preparations incorporating selected whole heat-killed bacterial species. By targeting the cell-mediated immune response, our products beneficially select and maintain optimal immunity for prevention and treatment of a whole series of problems relevant to agricultural, veterinary and human medicine.

BioEos has shown that individual bacterial species are effective in different animal hosts and that different bacterial species are effective in different disease situations. These actions are both powerful and prolonged. 

The bacterial strains we use are non-pathogenic and heat-killed thus providing a good safety profile. Studies in a variety of animal species have demonstrated that these beneficial effects are equally achievable when given by mouth or via injection routes.


Bioeos Ltd derives benefit from a portfolio of patents and applications that have been registered in major territories around the world. In the U.K. and Europe these are EU PATENT 03793060.3